Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Coco The Fighter!

Something is lurking in the drain.

It is our friend (not) the intruder aka monitor lizard.  Well, it was sauntering outside minding its own business but I had to throw a few stones at it. Mistake. It decided to run into my garden and so a fight ensued between Coco and lizard.

It was a bit too feisty for Coco and she must have sustained a few nips on her face. I tried spraying it with my garden hose but that too was a mistake. It seemed to enjoy the cool shower and stayed put for more.  Luckily my basket shooting was a perfect 10. There! 2 extra bricks to make sure you stay inside until I think of something.

No...I don't want dinner. I will just stay here and stare keep watch.

Why didn't you help Coco???

I don't like lizards, Mom.

I am ashamed of myself.
I left Coco to die at the claws of lizard.
Can I eat now?

(Regrettably, the lizard escaped from the basket the next morning. We are now back to square one....living in fear of another intrusion.)


  1. Oh my, lizard! Goro would try to catch it and eat it, haha.
    It's bit hard to see under the basket, but it looks like a gigantic lizard. Coco is such a brave fighter!

    1. Yes she is too brave for her own good. Wish Goro was around!